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Enchantress – Melissa McGill – Style Compass Media

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photo credit:  Dawn Marie West
Questions: Monica M. Lawton for Style Compass Media
Answers: Melissa McGill

Owner-Operator, at Morphologically LLC

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Please introduce yourself.

Hey I am Melissa. I usually follow that up with I’m an aromatherapist and that’s a real thing.
 Where are you from, and your origins?
I was born in the Okanagan valley, on a self-sustaining farm in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Oddly enough my parents being lost in the 60’s-70’s, running away from oppressive families, vietnam and a pending drug sentence, connected me back to roots that I am not sure I would have found otherwise. They were from Brooklyn. Origins, Hungarian and Irish.

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                photo credit: Dawn Marie West

What are your hobbies?

I dance.  Not sure if that falls into a hobby as it’s the closest I come to the goddess.  Every space I live in as an adult has a big open space to dance, alone or with others.

Meditation has been a part of my life for over two decades now. That moment when your soul opens, it’s so palpable I seek it daily.


When did you begin your training in creating candles, and other elixirs?

Formally 16 years ago. Informally a lifetime, growing up homesteading meant listening to the rhythm of the earth. Picking chamomile, creek crawling to get to the wild rosehips in the gorge when they were ready to harvest and dry, the power and healing ability of plants has always been present in this life.

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                    photo credit: Heidi Lee

When did discover your special purpose, and were you ever lead astray from your true path?

Moving to Manhattan 12 years ago blew my mind. I had been working as an aromatherapist and Holistic Nutritionist In Vancouver B.C. for five years when, I tumbled into love with a NY writer. I followed them to NYC to chase the family roots and dance. The love affair lasted a few months, pride good or bad, I was determined to stay and not let NYC eat me alive. I can’t even say it was astray, as everything during my time here made this possible.


What prompted you to become an entrepreneur?

Survival. Both keeping freedom in my life and financial. I’m a conduit, with a cerebral curiosity, and at times annoyingly ethereal aquarian brain. Everything about the body, along with the seen and the unseen, its relation to the earth and unyeilding force of it all, couldn’t wait any longer. Everything in my life was pointing to it.

What company did you work for, and how long?

I was with a major fashion retailer for 11 years.  When that career finished I was working as a District Manager.

Are you still affiliated with them?

Deeply, with the people. They nutured and allowed my analytic and weir sides to coincide up to a point. When one overtook the other, and Morphologically was my dream in motion, it kept the most inspiring relationships right next to me. Their creativity, unflinching honesty and drive is collectively all over this.

Do you travel?

Yes. Started at 30 to venture over some oceans, Spain broke the seal. Budapest, the people and the bath houses still have my heart.


Describe your dream holiday in Bali.

I won’t even allow myself to dream of it as a holiday.  I dream of living there for a spell, a pull like I felt for New York.  If it was a holiday it would involve you showing me your ‘Bali’, and my face buried in the flora…

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Do you find yourself drawn to the spirit world, and why?

Ha! always.  Between Hungarian roots, that go back generations of lives spent honoring energy flow and herbalism, paired with things I couldn’t explain experiencing as a child, I went searching.  What I am left with is an amalgamation of years in a spiritual cult that left me with a solid meditation practice and another way get to that place of true connection. I have since added to that science, the spark of life, ritual practices, always seeking out what hits.  I don’t practice one solid dogma. I did get a kick when my almost hundred year old housemate was asked how she could let witches live in her house.  She told them we’re good witches.  Dear Phyllis, you are one badass Christian and I love you.  Witch doesn’t quite fit either, so not sure how that one got out in the neighborhood.

Must be the red hair…


Author’s Note:

If any Goddess Retreats, or Sacred Feminine Retreats in Bali, would like to host, or have Melissa take part in their program, please contact direct, at


Monica M Lawton

Executive Editor, Writer, Stylist,Producer, and Publisher

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