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Creative Collective – Jankhaled Mahallati – Style Compass Media


Jankhaled Mahalatti, Photo credit: Monica M Lawton,  location: METISBali organized by Fiers Rachman.



Creative Collective – Jankhaled Mahallati

Questions: Monica M. Lawton
Answers: Jankhaled Mahallati
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Please introduce yourself.
Hello there.  My name is Jankhaled Mahallati.
Where do you come from, and what brought you to Bali?
I got kicked out of Denmark by my dad to get some hair on my chest, and to learn how to take care of myself.
So he decided to give me a one way ticket and, the destination was Bali, Indonesia.
You mentioned that you are from Denmark, what are family origins?
My father is Persian, and my mother is Palestinian.  So I can be proud to say, that I am coming from two of the most wanted countries in the world 🙂
What was your childhood like, do you have siblings?
My parents’ came to Denmark with literally nothing, but wanted to integrate into the country, and to show that they can contribute to the local community.  My mom was a translator for all the war refugees fleeing from Palestine in the early 80’s.  My dad was in his early 20’s DJ’ing, and helped his older brother to manage three nightclubs which he owned.  My father, and uncle were a big part of creating ‘life in the city’ where we were living, and I can proudly say that my uncle made it to the history books of the city for ‘bringing life’ into our town.  I had very hardworking parents, balancing a home life, and taking care of four children.  We didn’t see our dad much since he was working non stop.  When we were arriving home from school, he would be working, and when we woke up, he would just have come home, and be sleeping.  With all due respect, we couldn’t complain since the result of his tireless work resulted in our ability to attend the best schools, and never want for anything.
I grew up with ‘good kids’, as I went to one of Denmark’s best elementary schools.  At 12, I started seeking out the people from my origins, which of course were all living in the ghettos, and not as our family, trying to integrate themselves into Denmark society.  Since that point, it started going down hill for me.
I was a ‘street pharnacist‘ at 14, and behaving poorly.  It caused my dad to reach his limit, and decide to buy me a one way ticket, and send me to Bali.  I worked for his best friend who is the founder of LIO Collection, and here I still am, still!
Are you close to your family, and do they like projects you are a part of if yes, please explain, if not, please explain why?
I am living for my family.  Family is the most important thing in my life.  I got my family by blood, and I also have my ‘Bali family’.  The reason I’m so driven, and focused is because I want to be able to give my family the best!  My family is very supportive with what I am doing, but they don’t really understand it all, as I am filling up my plate with so many different projects, which for many people can seem extremely confusing.  I love what I am doing, whether its philanthropy, interior design, partying, or the food scene, it is all a passion for me.  I want to be able to deliver, and give a better standard of quality in everything which I do.  It has been difficult at times, as people have misinterpreted my intent.
My dad is a little against the whole ‘Babi Bagus‘, thing. We were born Muslims, but never practicing.  Pork was never a part of our diet.  When family, or friends see me posting all these photos for Babi Bagus, they get a bit confused.  They feel that I should  focus on my main business, Mahallati Interior.
I have many interests, and I don’t wish to be boxed into one category, as I enjoy them all.
You have a few businesses, please list, and describe them for our readers.
Yes, I do have a few babies.
Mahallati Interior which is my interior design firm based in Bali.
It is 4 years old now, and I can proudly say that we have been working on some of the best projects on the island, and many more to come…
To follow with it I got a 40,000 square ft furniture factory in Central Java which I started 2 years ago due to lack of quality from other suppliers.  So I took it the hard way, and decided to open my own furniture factory to enable control of timing, and consistency.  I’ve got to be honest, it hasn’t been an easy road…
Babi Bagus, is a little food chain, I started with two of my best friends.  We are selling a twisted version of the traditional dish “Babi Guling“, and within the next few months we will open up our second location.

Stop by our location in Jl. Bumbak Dauh No.113 | #BabiBagusBali 🐷

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If you haven’t tried that out yet, then it is a MUST try!
It is definitely on the top 3 list of best Babi Guling dishes on the island, and no MSG!!
Towards the end of 2016, four of my best friends and I created, and launched Bali Praia.
It is a record label, event organizer, and booking agency.
Our main goal is to bring Bali’s party scene to an international audience, and deliver it on a high level, ‘The real taste of Bali’…
Wonderfruit Festival 2017, Thailand


What do you do for fun outside of your general work days?


Well to be honest, there isn’t much time I  have outside my work days, but to say, ‘It is, what it is’.
Everything I do is my passion, so that is all the fun there, in itself.
Khaled Mahallati – Bali Praia Jenja
A few years back I recall seeing your DJ introduction, where do you play your tunes, and what is your favorite type of music to play?
I don’t think it’s a secret that I love to party and people often see me out and about. I started DJing because of my passion of music and through the opportunity of being able to share the sound I love.  I’m deep in love with my ‘house music‘, and all the way to a bit of underground’ish.
Lately I’ve been playing almost in every venue possible with my Bali Praia boys, to get the name out there, and spread the love!
Listen to my sets here:
You have some ‘heart projects‘ please explain to me more about them.  I’ve seen on social media of you making sizable donations to under privileged children.
Do you have a program set up in order to assist others in getting involved?
I actually have a few projects going on.
Within the next 3-4 months I will launch together with 2 of my closest friends here in Jepara, Central Java.
I have a new project called, SASANA. 
SASANA is a 30.000 square ft facility where we will be having everything:
  • indoor/outdoor skate park
  • trampoline
  • wall climbing
  • indoor parkour
  • free running
  • boxing
  • aerobics
  • badminton area
  • rollerskating area


The whole concept behind it, is to make a facility for the young kids here in Central Java, so when they are finished from school, that they have a place to go, and play instead of hanging out smoking their cigarettes, and being unmotivated on their motorbikes during their youth.  We want is to make this facility, as affordable as possible, 15.000 IDR per person, so that we can maximum their time after school.  We hope to educate them with the right habits such as eating, drinking, and sports.  We will motivate them in a different way, rather than having the kids going to “sports” they come to us, and ‘go wild’, without knowing that we indirectly educating them.  These websites will be available shortly, in order for other people to take part.

I also launched “A better world project” with my dear friends Jody Taylor, and Sola Harun.  
Every few months we go to villages in need, and provide them with food, clothes, and medicine.
What motivates you?
Good question, I guess myself.  I get excited about each, and every thought forming in my head.  Like I said earlier, all of this is my passion, and I see a big lack of delivery in these type of projects.  I decided to get them going myself, and with a helpful behind me.
You mentioned that you motivate yourself.  Do you have someone in your life who inspired you along the way, if so, whom, and how?
There are three people who has inspired me the most in life, without doubt is definitely my uncle Abbas Mahallati, who was the first that arrived to Denmark.  He came literally with nothing else than a Persian carpet as his belongings.  He brought four of his siblings up, and gave them all an opportunity to start their life.
The second person is my dad Eddie Mahallati.  I always was a bit of a rebel, and remarked that he never was there.  He is my hero, I will always be looking up to him, and without doubt the guy who has taught me how to be presentable, respectful,  and always try to be as professional.  He taught me to never be negative, or to speak ill of others.
The third person is the guy I call my uncle but isn’t by blood.  Christos Liokouras the owner of
LIO Collection.  He was the guy who formed me, and made me who I am today from  my later teenage years. He was hard on me, and educated me about how to work.  I must admit, that had he not been strong with me, I would most probably just be drinking Bintangs, partying in Kuta, and surfing right now.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, I got my little dream of opening a furniture chain which I really want to bring to The States.  It’s a part of my factory, and interior design concept.  I might be a little bit crazy, but I’ve always dreamt to do what ZARA did in fashion, but in furniture.  So an upgraded version of IKEA, but with amazing designs which are affordable, and of stellar quality!
Do you have new ideas for projects, you have concerns about starting, or continuing?
Well, I can tell you so much that there is another 4-5 projects coming over the next 2 years, and concerns?
Not at all, if I would be concerned about anything, I wouldn’t be part of the project.
My confidence, and the belief in the project which I go into, is the success behind what I am doing.
Future forward speaking, do you think you will pull back from getting involved in new projects, or continue to expand?
I believe the day I quit, is the day I will say goodbye to the world.  I definitely will be smarter with my
work ethic, and try to build up a strong team which can take away a lot of the daily pressure.
But I will NEVER stop!
Have you embarked on a spiritual journey in your life up til now, if yes, how so?
My whole journey is about positive energy, and be able to live as free as possible!  I am technically trying to buy my freedom by doing all of this.  Unfortunately we live in a world today where to live on a basic level, it has become the most expensive thing!
What is your favorite food, and how is prepared?
I am a ‘street food guy’, and that is why you can look forward to a lot of new food concepts coming to Bali, because there is a lack of amazing street food.
Prepare yourself for Lebanese charcoal grilled chicken, Shawarmas and AMAZING Falafels.  Also one thing I always wanted to share with the world is the, Classic danish hotdog which can be bought no where else, other than in Denmark, it is just heaven!
Do you have lady love in your life?  Yes, I’m nosy…
It is very difficult for me to commit, I am definitely open for it but since I got so much on my plate I kind of have committed with my own work and lifestyle!  I do believe that there is someone out there for me, when?
Only God, knows!
How come you stood me up when we had a business meeting scheduled, years ago?  I don’t forget a thing!
Oh yes, you never forget. 🙂



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