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Is traveling while looking glamorous overrated? – Style Compass Media

Is traveling while looking glamorous overrated? Messy Hair, I Don't Care... Words: Monica M Lawton for Style Compass Media video: LV 2016 Ad Campaign For the Cruise- Michelle Williams, Alicia Vikander I live in travel destination location, an island in fact, Bali, Indonesia. I can honestly say, I brush my hair on average once…

Aaron Siwoku- Easy as ‘TOAST’… – Style Compass Media

Questions: Monica M. Lawton Answers:  Aaron Siwoku Website: toastme.com Follow Aaron on twitter, because he asked politely...  @aaronsiwoku Please introduce yourself My name is Aaron Siwoku, I'm the Founder of an app called TOAST.  This allows overseas foreign workers to send money back to loved ones in real-time, without it costing them lots of money,…