Recconnective Healing with Lulu Kerr – Style Compass Media


I had my first experience with a ‘reconnective healing’ with Lulu Kerr. I had been avoiding these healing offers for years, because I didn’t want my thoughts to be influenced, let alone my emotions. I’ve known Lulu for years before having her do a ‘reconnective healing’. It’s interesting how you can have someone in your life, and suddenly learn what it is they do for a living almost a decade later. I like to walk because I’m a writer, I need to experience things in slow motion. One day after visiting the dentist, I was walking down the street, and Lulu honked her horn, and motioned for me to step to the side of the road. This is normal in Bali to have the most profound conversation of your day, then have it followed by the most profound healings of your life. Except unbeknownst to Lulu, I had never had any type of healing before, so I had nothing to compare my experience to. I will say, each session brought on new thoughts, and emotions. I was able to have closure on relationships which needed to end, and I was able to reach out to others’ who were needing some attention, I had been neglecting to address. I feel better, lighter, with clearer thoughts, and intentions. The most important thing Lulu does, is after the healing, she will ask you series of questions. It’s important to have a guide back into the hear, and now, otherwise you can walkout of the office feeling a bit displaced emotionally. Lulu also offers ‘distant healing’, which allows her to heal someone from a far. In my opinion this is the greatest gift you can offer another person, the gift of letting go, and the ability to receive light information.


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