Metis Gallery – For a Connoisseur of Luxury

Metis Gallery – For a Connoisseur of Luxury

words: Monica M. Lawton

Metis Gallery offers an exquisite experience for a connoisseur of luxury, and exotic travel with a selection of traditional, and contemporary artifactspaintingsphotographsstatues, and tribal art.  The artwork has been sourced throughout Asia.  The artifacts collected came from BurmaNorthern ThailandIndiaKalimantanChinaMongoliaJava, and Bali.

Metis Gallery Bali

Traveling not only enriches your point of view on life, but also through finding items to bring home, it reminds you of your life experiences through from your holiday, or weekend excursion.  Antique decorative items add not only eye catching patterns, textiles, and details to a room, but also a good story.  Not everyone has the opportunity to travel abroad to South East Asia, and to become avid treasure, and art collector.  Metis Gallery has a vast Asian selection of artifacts, and decor to suit the discriminating taste of it’s art collectors

World Renowned Artist - Rio Helmi
World Renowned Artist – Rio Helmi

The gallery not only carries art, but also a collection ofartistic books, for example ‘Memoirs of The Sacred’ by the world renowned photographer, painter, artist Rio Helmi.

The Metis Boutique A, offers finest the jewelry which is sold worldwide International Jewelry Designer Luke Stockley, has his precious jewels on display, along with a small selection of other fine jewelry designers.

Evening Accessories
Evening Accessories

The Metis Boutique B, offers evening accessories.

Ethnic Jewelry
Ethnic Jewelry

The Metis Boutique C, offers Ethnic / Tribal Jewelry

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