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You are Somebody at the hu’u Villas…. – Style Compass Media

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You are Somebody at the hu’u Villas…
By: Monica M. Lawton

This my friends is, the hu’u Villas loft. Yes, it is similar to what you might find in New York or, Singapore.  However, this loft is no ordinary loft, it is a hu’u Villas loft.  Yes, it does have 6 meter high ceilings, it is completely sound proof, electronic blinds that retract like a sun roof of a car and, will reveal the gorgeous Bali setting in which it is a part of.  Where the big cities fail in terms of service, the hu’u Villas philosophy is centered on the fact that “you are somebody at hu’u”.  So we humbly go through the motions to ensure that each guest leaves us, feeling like a rockstar on holiday.

Yes, Bali attracts the world elite and, the hu’u Villa’s concierge team is intimately familiar with the usual suspects and, their expectations.  Whether you want a day trip to another town by helicopter or, island hop.  We can also arrange a VIP club night experience for your mates with champagne and, caviar.  The hu’u Villas concierge, will provide these activities with the greatest of ease.  When you return home you will have wonderful memories and, photos (optional) to relive your VIP “somebody” experience , while you were at the hu’u Villas…

Monica M Lawton

Executive Editor, Writer, Stylist,Producer, and Publisher


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