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Alex Abbad – Creative Chameleon – Style Compass Media

Questions: Monica M. Lawton , Style Compass Media instagram

Answers: Alex Abbad , instagram



Please introduce yourself.

Hi…  I am Alex Abbad, or… A.A.D. the same.  I’m from Indonesia, Jakarta.

When did you begin to travel?

Hmm… Good start. )

Well as long I can remember, I’ve been moving from one city to another since I first learned how to read all those signs on those gates of cities we drove by.  That would be, when I was around five.  I wish they were business trips, but sadly they weren’t.  At least you know why you went here, or there, the worst is when you don’t.


What lessons did you learn through your travels  that you keep with you to this day?

That you get to be someone else,  some other human you’re just starting to have time for, and understand.

When were you introduced to the music genre which you dj?

I was already into music since the first time my mother permitted me to listen to a radio.  Either I danced to it, or stood still trying to recognize the words they were singing, those tunes always got my attentions.  I didn’t grow up with parents that bought me musical instruments, nor send me to music courses,I grew up  watching, and listening to people play them.

I learned ‘to listen’, to music in the late 80’s.  I found my way to choose the style of music of what I wanted to listen to, by buying cassettes, vinyl records, or going to those private parties, concerts, clubs and, raves all that.  I’m  just glad that I did.  We all have that right to choose by whom we want to be influenced.

What musicians have inspired your style?

Oh, do you have all night, because I do?  I will always make time for this…

One of the greatest achievements mankind has ever made, is when they, excuse me, we manage to capture a harmony in a moment, into eternity.  Thus leaves me nothing but, an all night endless honorable mention of those whom being the object that they have ‘the harmony’ at that time, captured into the subject of timelessness.  That is one cruel question, if one not given the time can accomplish such achievements?

What singing performance of yours stands out the most in your memory?

Of mine? Hmm… The one I am hurried to forget.

The more I tried, the more they stand out, in my memory, trust me… )
But I can tell you about my most stand out performance ever done, with others.  The one they didn’t realize, they had just done.
We all have seen  or attended many concerts in our life.
Those venues, lights, stages, big screens, sound systems, instruments, and then the main performance.  It has already been done.  Come to think of it, there truly is nothing new under the sun.  Anyone with the time, the talent, the chances, the space, and the gift is able to continue repeating the sequence again, and again.  Which explains why musicians have all those tours.  The only exciting thing about them, is how convinced they were with their first performance in anything.  But the one you catch off guard, the one they didn’t even notice.  They were ‘one with harmony’, in their own understanding.  Which probably was a very personal moment.  For an outsider to hear it, they would think it was out of tune, which makes them, so human.

That’s the kind of performance I want to stand out in my memory.
The kind that you didn’t think about your phone, when you see or hear it…
The kind that you’d smile, giggle, or even freeze, in a moment.  

That  kind of moment deserves to exist.  That’s the kind that deserves to live within one’s memory.  There’s so much air, and only only so much that your lungs can inhale…

I understand you wrote your own lyrics, can you share your most daring?

I don’t know which would be my most daring.  I never write to be daring.

But I can share with you one of my latest from the series of poems am writing from this working title, “Nothing is personal… Everything is.”

From left to right, Moskitone (Alex Abbad-lyrics,concepts,producer), Leftlove (Rudi Silfa-vocalist, keyboardist, producer), Doolabille (Adhe Bachtiar,bassist,producer) LeSmokey Sections. (below)


“Stoned Eyes.”
Look at those stoned eyes…
How they are so heavy, no lies…
No need no shade… Don’t let them fade…
Through misty smoke they’ve tainted.


She talks about gravity… From deeper ground of eternity…
And jump topics… Leaps full with mimics…
As I look at those stoned eyes.

Look at those stoned eyes…
How will they ever justify lies…
No need no shame… Don’t let them tamed…
Trough hazy smoke they’ve claimed.


She talks about fantasies… Her heart was the one stop reference…
And repeating the same topic… Yet different dance and cynics…
As I look at those stoned eyes.

Look at those stoned eyes…
They naively pretend their strength with lies…
No need no sense… Don’t let them be tense…
Through murky smoke they glanced.


Woman, you talk about reality… About those bumps on the way to sanity…
And lost within the same topic… Falling free into your own manics…
As you put that wall between our eyes.


This is just me… Seeing you in me… Indeed.
Moskitone, Planet Earth.
Me, Alex Abbad.
(The reading audience is 18+)


Do you still perform as a singer?

No, and they’re lucky that I’m not, I just don’t have the voice.  I’m more of a lullaby reader than a singer.  I am truly sorry folks, it took me a while to figure that out… 😉

I still write new lyrics, and songs.  They may turn out to be the blues, folk, or rock & roll.  I think you might be lucky enough to hear me sing them someday, but if they end up to be another neo soul song,  forget it.


The logo I made for the LeSmokey Sections band, named it Trippy Key. (below)


You are currently writing a film script, without giving too much away, can you share what the general idea is of your script?

The problem is, that I have all these ideas scattered here, and there from notes, papers, phones, and laptops.  The only easy solution is to bind them together into a short story, or if am lucky enough, I can turn them into a script.  These confuse my mind when I’m working on more than three different scripts, and titles that I hope when it’s completed it will become a novel.

I’m now working to find the time to continue writing this novel, which I just started to find the guts to write at  the beginning of this last year.  It is a story about two people, who live next to each other, and how easily things change in each one’s life, when situations given to chance interfere.   It’s a simple story, with two colorful characters, not much of twist, but brutally honest.  And that’s the trick! )

What writers do you do you like?

Those that can manage effortlessly given the thoughts for us as the reader, that they were honest about the universe they are writing.  All from a poet, to a novelist…

Charles Bukowsky, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Omar KhayamFranz Kafka, Leo TolstoyHamka, Eka Kurniawan, Dee Lestari, Orhan Pamuk, Elif Safak, Paolo Coelho… And many more…
I grew up with my mother, she read me Khalil Gibran, and Chairil Anwar just before I went to bed.
After reading Miguel Pinero, he was the one that gave me the kick to start writing.



What title best describes your skill set, as you have many?

A Curse.

When someone told me that the world… Deserves to know, and I just don’t have the time in the world.  While all that I did, was trying to lift up the… Curse.

Please list them.

Am really good at convincing myself that I can,

  • paint
  • sketch
  • stencil

I’m just glad I don’t really have to convince other people, in the same way that I need to convince myself, hoping the end result does it better then me. )

I’m also a,

  • writer
  • lyricist
  • poet
  • short story writer,
  • novelist
  • script writer
  • conceptualist  
  • furniture designer
  • interior designer 
  • actor 

What are your hobbies?

I once meet a person who doesn’t even have a hobby and couldn’t manage to mention one even given the time to answer… I don’t want to be that person.

I want my hobbies become the one that define me, as I am.  The human that I am.

My hobby is, I like to be myself when I’m with you, and be like everyone else when am alone.

What defines your painting style the best?

What style? Hmm… I don’t know… I never really good at putting things in a box, or a category.  It seems, that’s how human history makes us to view things, by putting every thing into a box.  Differences them… Separates them… Notifies them… Distinctive them… Designates them…

Like each one of us are a box.  So I guess if there’s one for me, it would be…
“Bored, lonely, I’m running out credits, and I can’t call, no wifi?!  F**k!!

I wonder… Hmm… Why not.” –ISM.

See…  I just made my own box for my self, look what you just did…


My artwork …

The Mermaid is in need of aid.
The myths about them have almost disappeared for the next generation’s mind.
We no longer have the time to share their tales of glory before kids  go to sleep.
As a result, we kill the myth by not continuing their stories, and for future generations. They only know PS3, X-Box, Ipad, and all those other killers of dreams, and fairytales.


Simply Nefertiti, was one the most charismatic, prettiest, brilliant queen’s of Egypt.
She helped her husband to ruled the upper, lower, and middle Egypt her entire life.
Founder of the first one god religion, in this case the sun disk of ‘Aten’, among the old and many gods that old Egyptian religion have.  I just want to remind all of the women in the world, that you own the world, and we men just run it for you.
That way we are equal in the eye of the needs, towards one another.

What type of acting role do you want to perform the most?

The roles which pay the most, so I can afford to participate in the creatively challenged projects which require funding to complete.

So much to learn… Yet too many bills to pay.  Tu sabes?!

What is your favorite acting era, and who is your favorite actor of that era, and why?

Early 1920s, and obviously Bustin Keaton was the man.  He didn’t have many options then, but he used all that he had, to the level, and beyond we could ever imagine now.  Another honorable mention is, Gary Oldman.

What current acting projects are you working on?

Can’t tell you now, but you will notice… Once they’re out. 😉

What was your acting favorite role to perform?

Oh I love all of them, or else I wouldn’t take the job.  But just so that I can answer to your question, I  love those which challenge me as an actor.  Lucky for me, there are many cases… 

I had to gain 20kg within 3 months, and walk with a limp the entire film for my role as ‘Bejo’, a local small time gang leader that wants to jump up the rank by strategically killing everyone oh his way in the film ‘The Raid 2’  (Berandal), it was not easy to gain that much of weight, and kept it for the entire year of production.  I am a Muslim, during Ramadhan when we had to do fasting from the sun rise, to the sun set.  I had to eat twice that I am  used to just to, just to keep my weight, it was not easy.

Then when I had to be this demonic character, yet very human in his behavior, and trade.  He had been living, and traveling here, and there on this earth for more then 500 years.  Which meant I had to have the knowledge, and the attitude of such great length of history of mankind for my role in a HBO Asia series HALFWORLDS as Gorga.  I had to do some fighting scenes as well with little time to practice because there many adjustments that we had to do on the set.

A soldier who had to live for years in the vast jungle of Northern Sumatra because everyone was after him, or his troops .  That’s just how they do their fights against the government which means, I’m not even used to stare at a light bulb at all!  For that role I had to learn their language, how to use guns, do all of my stunts, and running out blood bleeding every where throughout the film for my role as, Mahdi in the film ‘Night Bus ‘.


When they asked me what it taste like… I said… "It taste like you've been walking towards a distance of fifteen years… No water… No rest… It's been that long that you forget the taste of water you want to make sure if it is water… You dip your tongue to lick it… And… It's not. So… No rest." 'What was it then??' They just don't know when to stop… "An ice cream…" I replied… "An ice cream that melt too soon too fast… You just have to go on… Continue what ever you're doing because only then, you just realise… That what you do… All these times… Is the water that you're thirsty most.". Have a nice day peeps… 😉 Hamdallah… Good night. #ffi #film #festival #indonesia #2016 #piala #citra #pemeran #pria #best #male #supporting #actor #fifteen #years #walk #far #long #run #no #rest #movie #movies #actor #msb #my #stupid #boss #mystupidboss Picture taken by a friend of a photo that was taken by my good friend… @tompi_photography

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Tell me a secret.  I might keep it )

Oh sure… I don’t have a secret. They own me, the moment I think I have one.


My band LeSmokey Sections




LeSmokey Sections on iTunes.


Thank you so much for your generous time, and energy…


Alex Abbad – Creative Chameleon – Style Compass Media

Questions: Monica M. Lawton , Style Compass Media instagram

Answers: Alex Abbad , instagram

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