Jazmine Howard – Meraki Blues – Style Compass Media

Jazmine Howard – Meraki Blues – Style Compass Media

Questions: Monica M Lawton / Style Compass Media


Amswers: Jazmin Howard / Meraki Blues



Please introduce yourself.


My name is, Jazmine Howard


Where are you from, and how did your experiences shape you?


I was born in Malmo Sweden to a Swedish mother and African American father.  I spent many years in both parts of the world, and experienced all of that which entails, to come from two such different cultures.  It has shaped me to appreciate life differences, and also made me realize that we are also all the same.



What brought you to Bali?


I was pretty exhausted from working full time, with a teen, and a toddler, while juggling a visual manager position with being a full-time single mom, and just never feeling like I could catch up or have any time to myself or to do and give my children a more peaceful life.  I asked each day for the universe / God to give me an answer that would be for the highest good of us all and one morning I woke up with the answer.  I’d never been to Bali, and did not know what to expect, but it has surely been the best experience / step I could have ever have taken.



I have met the most amazing people here and been able to make a difference in other peoples lives.  Priceless.



What inspired you to become a designer?


I’ve worked in Visual MerchandisingArt Directior and Interior styling for 20 years and have always had the idea in the back of my mind to create my own product.  I just didn’t have the right idea or the courage to move forward on it then.




Did you have a previous experience in design?


I’ve previously worked as an independent wardrobe stylistvisual manager at H&M and at Ralph Lauren / Club MonacoInterior designer at IKEA etc.  I also used to design event cakes once upon a time.


How did you come up with your company name?


I saw an instagram post one day with the description of the word Meraki in it after I’d been thinking a lot about what name to use, that represents “doing what one loves”, and there it was.  Meraki means “ To pour ones soul into ones work”.  The blue came as a natural addition because I love natures blues (the ocean and the sky) and wanted to keep the focus on creating blue things.  I had another concept, and website created prior that I never launched, that also had a blue focus, but lacked the meaning other than just being a blue concept site.  This is very different.  The goal with Meraki Blues, is to connect women from different cultures and backgrounds with each other, and to raise consciousness, in style.


Describe in 3 words what your brand Maraki Blues represents to you.


Possibility, Consciousness, and Beauty…


What fabrics do you use to create your designs?


Linen and cotton mostly.  Chambrays, and denim made from 100% cotton is the main materials used.  We want to create our own fabrics that are naturally dyed, and have a special collection in the plans, to introduce this.


Where do you want to see your brand represented?


I would like to see my designs in yoga studiosspas, wellness centers, homes, and meditation spaces.  Anywhere they can help soothe and inspire.


I love your social media content, what inspires your photos?


Mostly nature, light, and open environments.  Serenity, and textures inspire me, and gives me the desire to capture, and share…



If you could give advice to a room full of business owner hopefuls, what would it be?


I would tell them to stick with your goals, and don’t give up.  Devote your time without any distractions (phones etc) to work on your ideas, but don’t let it take over your life.  If you can recharge yourself by doing nothing for a day, or so.  We become more productive, and  centered, the less stressful our lives are.  Also, know that your ideas are needed, and that what you create matters.  Recognize that you are your authentic self.  We are each born with a gift, or several, and when sharing them with the world through our craft / skill set we can only succeed.  It may take time, but as long as you feel inspired, keep it going, and when you loose inspiration ask yourself “why”, before quitting.  It’s usually only when we are overwhelmed, and not because your idea wasn’t good enough…

Recconnective Healing with Lulu Kerr – Style Compass Media


I had my first experience with a ‘reconnective healing’ with Lulu Kerr. I had been avoiding these healing offers for years, because I didn’t want my thoughts to be influenced, let alone my emotions. I’ve known Lulu for years before having her do a ‘reconnective healing’. It’s interesting how you can have someone in your life, and suddenly learn what it is they do for a living almost a decade later. I like to walk because I’m a writer, I need to experience things in slow motion. One day after visiting the dentist, I was walking down the street, and Lulu honked her horn, and motioned for me to step to the side of the road. This is normal in Bali to have the most profound conversation of your day, then have it followed by the most profound healings of your life. Except unbeknownst to Lulu, I had never had any type of healing before, so I had nothing to compare my experience to. I will say, each session brought on new thoughts, and emotions. I was able to have closure on relationships which needed to end, and I was able to reach out to others’ who were needing some attention, I had been neglecting to address. I feel better, lighter, with clearer thoughts, and intentions. The most important thing Lulu does, is after the healing, she will ask you series of questions. It’s important to have a guide back into the hear, and now, otherwise you can walkout of the office feeling a bit displaced emotionally. Lulu also offers ‘distant healing’, which allows her to heal someone from a far. In my opinion this is the greatest gift you can offer another person, the gift of letting go, and the ability to receive light information.


Contact Lulu:


Jean-marc Bagoée  – The Comeback Kid – Style Compass Media

Photo Credit: Lukas Vrtilek

Jean-marc Bagoée  – The Comeback Kid – Style Compass Media

Questions – Monica M Lawton for Style Compass Media

Answers – Jean-marc Bagoée

re-set www.furtherfuture.com , www.d-labs.fr




Please introduce yourself.


Hey you, I am Jean-Marc, I come from Martinique a small French colony in the West Indies.


What are your origins?


Well my last name is a slave’s name.  My ancestors on my dad’s side were deported from Africa and, a Chinese immigrant.  (my great great grandad’s name was Pong Song hahah) and my mum is from Belgium.


Was music a part of your childhood, and what type of music did you
listen to?


Music was and has always been everything.  Apart from being a surgeon my dad was a musician and, a melomane (music lover).  So the spectrum was large from Serge Gainsbourg, Erik Satie, John Coltrane, to Itzhak Perlman and the list goes on….


What is your first memory of a song, or music you heard which resonated to your soul?


It probably happened with reggae.  I’d say the drum song from Jackie Mittoo (for those who know).  My life always revolved around music so I’d say, Chronic 2000 from Dr Dre, but also this track from Isolée (beau mot plage) those artists changed my way and, had a major influence on the decisions I took…


When did you first begin to travel, and what lesson did you learn from traveling which you still keep to this day?


I was fortunate enough to travel early on.  I’ve spent a lot of time in The States and, Asia.  It taught me that the country where I am from, does not totally define who I am.

What brought you to Bali?




What do you do to relax?




What excites you?


My dreams and, I’m coming at them like a spider monkey.
At the moment, attending the  further future festival is like a dream come true.


If you could choose another career, what would it be?


I wouldn’t.


What projects have you worked on?


Well too much to say, it always revolved around connecting music and, the arts to deliver the ultimate entertainment.  I guess this off Broadway show called La Guarda when I was 14.  The work of Carlito Dalceggio, DEEPLY INSPIRED ME.  (cique du soleil) which I happened to represent at XS art gallery in Paris when I was 21.


What current projects do you have in store?


I’m currently selling 3d mapping in Asia.


You call your group of friends, your ‘tribe’, what does this mean to you?




What personal, or professional goals have you set for yourself?


To become a better person everyday, I still have a lot of work to do ;-), on the professional side I’m on my path…


If a party were to be hosted in your honor, what speech would you give, and what would you want your tribe to walk away feeling, or thinking about you?


Yeah well my tribe knows all about me and, they love me anyways.  I don’t think a speech would alter their perception.  I would just make sure that they leave feeling little better than when they showed up.


What makes you wake up in the morning?


Yes this was once a question you asked me.


Haha you’re good, you answered that, love of course, but surfing to be more specific.
What makes you fall in love?


Intelligence, education, values, and a huge… sense of humor

Editor’s Note :
For those who have yet to meet Jean-marc, or to know him personally.
I think this Kanye West quote, best sums him up.

Why is Jean Marc able to make moves in circles most people can only dream about?

‘Because his life is dope, and he does dope shit…’  – Kanye West


Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov – Style Compass Media



Russian Olympic Figure Skaters- Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov

Producer-Петро Шекшеев

Photography- Marina Demina

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe-Monica M Lawton

Sunbeam Maxi Dress- Style Compass Luxury

Location-Semara Luxury Villa Resort


Fashion Shoot Collab – Style Compass Media










Model – Lena Kolyasova

Hair & Makeup – Monica M Lawton

Jewelry  – Haywire

Swimwear – Veronika Pagan

Sandals – Erika Peña Designs

Photography – Byony Edwards  

Shoot Location – La Laguna


Berawa Luxe 2015 Ad Campaign – Style Compass Media


Berawa Luxe – New Boutique on Berawa

Model – Andrea

Hair, Makeup, Director – Monica M. Lawton for Style Compass I.C.

Photography – Tash Serena

Production – Jenny Sparke

Location – Maya Resort Sanur

Travel + Leisure Cover Shoot – Lombok 2015 – Style Compass Media

Cocomoku - Silk Beaded Maxi Dress Juju Art Gallery - Brass and Coral Earrings, and Brass Bracelets
Cocomoku – Silk Beaded Maxi Dress
Juju Art Jewelry – Brass and Coral Earrings, and Brass Bracelets
Karmarama Lifestyle - Short Jumpsuit Lila Lane - Shopper Tote Juju Art Gallery - Brass Bracelet
Karmarama Lifestyle – Short Jumpsuit
Lilla Lane – Shopper Tote
Juju Art Jewelry – Brass Bracelet
Blue Glu - White Bikini Juju Art Gallery - Necklace Karmarama Lifestyle - Kimono Lila Lane - Leather Tote
Blue Glue – White Bikini
Juju Art Jewelry – Necklace
Karmarama Lifestyle – Kimono
Lilla Lane – Leather Tote
Blu Glu - Florescent Yellow Bikini Juju Art Gallery - Ring KIMPTON - Python Slide Sandal
Blue Glue – Florescent Yellow Bikini
Juju Art Jewelry – Ring
KIMPTON – Python Slide Sandal

TL for Monica-12

Travel + Leisure Cover Shoot – Lombok 2015

Location – Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp

Production – SO WANTED Agency – Jade Amar

Model – Anastasiya Gavryushkina

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe Stylist – Monica M Lawton for Style Compass I.C.

Production – Jade Amar for, SO WANTED MODELS

Photography – Ernest Goh for Ernest Goh Photography

Wardrobe & Accessories – KIMPTON, Blue GlueKarmarama LifestyleCocomokuJuju Art Jewelry, Lilla Lane

Makeup – Bare Minerals, NAKED 3 eye shadow collection

Metis Gallery – For a Connoisseur of Luxury

Metis Gallery – For a Connoisseur of Luxury


words: Monica M. Lawton

Metis Gallery offers an exquisite experience for a connoisseur of luxury, and exotic travel with a selection of traditional, and contemporary artifactspaintingsphotographsstatues, and tribal art.  The artwork has been sourced throughout Asia.  The artifacts collected came from BurmaNorthern ThailandIndiaKalimantanChinaMongoliaJava, and Bali.

Metis Gallery Bali

Traveling not only enriches your point of view on life, but also through finding items to bring home, it reminds you of your life experiences through from your holiday, or weekend excursion.  Antique decorative items add not only eye catching patterns, textiles, and details to a room, but also a good story.  Not everyone has the opportunity to travel abroad to South East Asia, and to become avid treasure, and art collector.  Metis Gallery has a vast Asian selection of artifacts, and decor to suit the discriminating taste of it’s art collectors

World Renowned Artist - Rio Helmi
World Renowned Artist – Rio Helmi

The gallery not only carries art, but also a collection ofartistic books, for example ‘Memoirs of The Sacred’ by the world renowned photographer, painter, artist Rio Helmi.

The Metis Boutique A, offers finest the jewelry which is sold worldwide International Jewelry Designer Luke Stockley, has his precious jewels on display, along with a small selection of other fine jewelry designers.

Evening Accessories
Evening Accessories

The Metis Boutique B, offers evening accessories.

Ethnic Jewelry
Ethnic Jewelry

The Metis Boutique C, offers Ethnic / Tribal Jewelry

Contact / Inquiries –
 Tel: +62 3614737888
Fax: +62 3618475472
Kerbokan: Jl. Petitenget No.6 Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta, Bali 80361